Travel Program Analysis

KesselRun has deep experience evaluating corporate travel programs and performing corporate travel program analysis.  As a completely independent management consulting firm, we approach analysis engagements with a sole focus on our clients’ needs.  Our depth, range of experience, and unbiased approach is particularly beneficial to our clients when engaging to undergo a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the corporate travel program from front end booking tools to mid-office quality control, fulfillment, expense, and more.

Travel Program Analysis Engagements

Over our 15 year history, KesselRun has engaged in program analysis engagements for clients across virtually all industries and all sizes.  Each client has its own unique set of requirements and varying degrees of program complexity.   In some cases our clients have in-depth knowledge of the corporate travel space and call on us for a second set of eyes.  In other cases, our clients simply don’t have the internal subject matter expertise and call on us for both expertise and long term program direction. In either case, our clients tend to be very busy.   As a result, KesselRun has developed a flexible and thoughtful approach to program analysis engagements that are mindful of the clients’ time and available resources.  Our clients range from small regional organizations to the largest Fortune 100 organizations with global reach and complex in-country requirements.

KesselRun has been working with virtually every supplier across every aspect of the corporate travel supply chain since our inception.  When performing a comprehensive travel program analysis, evaluating all possible aspects is critical because travel programs are never a “one-size-fits-all” proposition.

Holistic Approach to Impact Travel Program

Instead, KesselRun prefers to look holistically at every aspect that can possible have an impact on the program:

  • Front end booking tool technology
  • Booking sources including travel agency partner
  • Call center capabilities and reporting
  • Quality Control
  • Service Levels
  • Mobile technology
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Supplier contracts
  • Expense systems
  • Payment solutions
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Optimization activities and return on investment

KesselRun’s goal is to gain an understanding of our client’s needs, any unique business requirements which may have an impact on the process, and scope limitations due to budgets or policy restrictions.  As such, we have developed a highly flexible process that provides justification along the way for every action and results in a comprehensive and thoughtful outcome.

  • We like to engage in a project kick-off meeting where we meet key stakeholders and begin a dialogue to gain an understanding of the project’s goals
  • KesselRun gathers all pertinent travel data from the client by country. We understand that in some cases all travel related data is not available.  We can make smart assumptions based on the business and available accounting information
  • We will arrange all available data and prioritize optimization activities based on program impact (cost savings/cost avoidance/risk)
  • We will develop all necessary documentation to demonstrate findings and recommendations
  • We can facilitate all supplier communications and meetings
  • KesselRun can handle all subsequent supplier negotiations, RFP processes, or other procurement activities, as required by the client
  • KesselRun can help with all implementation and roll-out activities

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