Travel Management Workshop

KesselRun’s immersive Travel Management Workshop was designed with the busy Travel Manager or Category Manager in mind.  We developed this full-day workshop from a curriculum borrowed from our Managing Partner’s experience running the same type of structured program for supply chain optimization engagements from his time in Big 5 consulting at Ernst & Young.


The goal with the Travel Management Workshop is to engage in a full day’s worth of discussion, strategy, and deliverable building around an organization’s entire corporate travel program.  The engagement seeks to mirror our traditional Corporate Travel Program Audit which typically takes between 4-8 weeks but compressed into an intensive session of stakeholder interviews, supplier contract review and benchmarking, policy review, expense, operations, risk management, and internal management practices.

At the end of the day’s session, the client is left with a full deliverable aimed to provide a strategic roadmap for corporate travel program optimization.

KesselRun has deep experience evaluating corporate travel programs and performing corporate travel analysis.  As a completely independent management consulting firm, we approach analysis engagements with a sole focus on our clients’ needs.

Over our 15 year history, KesselRun has engaged in program analysis engagements for clients across virtually all industries and all sizes.  Each client has its own unique set of requirements and varying degrees of program complexity.   In some cases our clients have in-depth knowledge of the corporate travel space and call on us for a second set of eyes.  In other cases, our clients simply don’t have the internal subject matter expertise and call on us for both expertise and long term program direction. In either case, our clients tend to be very busy.

As a result, KesselRun has developed a flexible and thoughtful approach to program analysis engagements that are mindful of the clients’ time and available resources.  Our clients range from small regional organizations to the largest Fortune 100 organizations with global reach and complex in-country requirements.


With our Travel Management strategy workshop, we bring our consultants to you:

  • We identify the best client location to engage in an all day workshop (typically lasting from 7am-9pm – with the last few hours with KesselRun finishing its final deliverable)
  • Stakeholder Interviews – We identify key people within the organization to speak with either one on one or in a group environment. Our goal is to understand corporate objectives as well as specific corporate travel management related objectives
  • Data Review – Based on an initial data request, our consultants will review all relevant supplier contracts and preferred supplier relationships
  • Functional Areas – We talk to key functional areas within the business to understand their role as it relates to the travel program. These functional areas may include Human Resources, Finance, Risk, and Executive Team
  • Working Lunch – Based on the engagement requirements, we use a working lunch to review and benchmark corporate travel policy or further engage “front line” employees such as Executive Assistants who may play a key role in booking travel for multiple executives
  • Cost Savings and Avoidance Goals – We begin to strategically align the business goals with corporate travel program objectives. This exercise may delve into the cost/benefit of employee travel, ways to cut travel without sacrificing sales efforts, et cetera
  • Final Deliverable development – based on the information provided and specific engagement requirements, KesselRun consultants will craft a comprehensive deliverable to be completed at the end of the day for client review.

Our goal is to provide an exhaustive overview of opportunities based on similarly situated companies or other metrics as desired by the client.  Some of the elements of the review will include:

  • Front end booking tool technology
  • Booking sources including travel agency partner
  • Call center capabilities and reporting
  • Quality Control
  • Service Levels
  • Mobile technology
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Supplier contracts
  • Expense systems
  • Payment solutions
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Optimization activities and return on investment


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