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Travel Consultant TMC RFP Consulting KesselRun has deep experience sourcing corporate travel-related suppliers.  As a completely independent management consulting firm, we approach sourcing engagements (RFP) with a sole focus on our clients’ needs.  Our depth, range of experience, and unbiased approach is particularly beneficial to our clients when engaging to source a Travel Management Company (TMC) or Travel Agency.

Travel is in flux. Changes in traveler population and accompanying traveler behaviors, advancement in travel technology were already afoot when the global pandemic ravaged every quarter of the travel industry. Arguably the hardest hit by this downturn were TMC or Travel agencies. Many didn’t survive; and those that did, still face challenges, especially when it comes to staffing.  Taking the TMC or Travel Agency out to bid (RFP) used to be just a good business practice. But with longer hold times and diminished service levels and new pricing models, now it is a necessity.

During our 20-year history, KesselRun has engaged in TMC and/or Travel Agency supplier sourcing and Request for Proposal (RFP) projects for clients across virtually all industries and all sizes (our clients range from small regional organizations to the largest Fortune 100 organizations with global reach and complex in-country requirements). In fact, the TMC or Travel Agency RFP is one of our most common projects.

Each client has its own unique set of requirements and varying degrees of program complexity.  As a result, KesselRun has developed a flexible and thoughtful approach to TMC or Travel Agency sourcing. This ensures that both the client’s needs and the suppliers’ data and program requirements gathering are met facilitating a smooth RFP process and implementation.

KesselRun helps author or edit all pertinent documentation dealing with the project to include the Request for Proposal (RFP) document, scoring and pricing templates, management presentations, and internal communications. Having managed the TMC or Travel Agency RFP process hundreds of times in our history, we are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of virtually every player in the market. More importantly, since the TMC or Travel agency relationship is the most “client facing” part of the travel supply chain, we are experienced with their “post implementation” performance. We recognize the value of cultural fit.

KesselRun Understands Both the Marketplace and Our Clients' Needs

KesselRun’s main objective is to gain an understanding of our clients’ needs, unique business requirements which may have an impact on the process, and scope limitations due to budgets or policy restrictions.  We have developed a highly flexible process that provides justification for every action and results in a comprehensive and thoughtful outcome. We work daily with regional travel agencies all over the globe, mega agencies, and global supplier networks.  KesselRun also engages and manages third party data consolidators to create the most compelling, easy to use, and cost-effective solution for our clients.

How Do We Do It?

Project Kick-Off Meeting – Meet key stakeholders and begin a dialogue to gain an understanding of the project’s goals.

Gather All Travel Data – In addition to expense and credit card data TMC data is critical. Asking for this data from your current TMC/ Travel Agency is your right and a common practice. KesselRun executes the appropriate NDAs and can assist in gathering this information on your behalf.  We understand that in some cases all travel-related data is not available. We can make smart assumptions based on the business and available accounting information.

Travel Advisory Committee – Help form or sit with the internal Travel Advisory Committee, who is tasked with making key management decisions as it relates to the project, supplier evaluation, contract negotiations, and implementation timeline.

Flexible Partner – KesselRun can act as the primary point of contact for all suppliers or can sit in the “background” providing advice and counsel. Our goal is to be a flexible partner to the client, engaging where appropriate.

Supplier Liason – Facilitate all supplier communications and meetings, assemble all supplier responses and lead an internal discussion to evaluate and normalize answers. Lead the supplier scoring process and will provide all justification documentation to senior management as required

Pricing & Negotiating – Benchmark pricing and help negotiate contract terms. There are some terms and conditions that suppliers routinely try to slip into TMC/ Travel Agency contracts that are not in your favor. We can help identify and red-line these items in the contracting phase

Implementation – Assist with all implementation and roll-out activities


KesselRun brings deep experience to every aspect of your corporate travel program. After 20 years in business, we still believe that every consulting engagement is as unique as our client’s business.

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