Interim Travel Manager

Interim Travel Manager

For more than 15 years, KesselRun has expanded its comprehensive corporate travel consulting services as we recognized some our clients’ interest in and need for long-term travel management solutions. While our services do include short term engagements such as our Program Audit or Airline Benchmarking services, we also offer longer term engagements where our team takes on the internal role of corporate Travel Manager.  In general, our outsourced Category Manager role has become very popular over the years due to our cost structure, flexibility, breadth and depth of industry knowledge, and the overall expertise we can bring to our clients.

In many instances, our clients need us to fill internal vacancies for short periods of time.  Our Interim Travel Manager role has been requested more frequently over recent years as well qualified corporate Travel Managers become increasingly difficult to find in the marketplace.

Why Hire KesselRun as an Interim Travel Manager

KesselRun can provide Interim Travel Management services on a monthly basis to clients, ensuring that no program momentum is lost and, upon hiring, that the new full-time resource is up to speed before stepping aside. KesselRun engages clients for the Interim Travel Manager role using a traditional matrix approach:

Our Interim Travel Manager role provides a single point of contact for our clients, ensuring during the transition time that travelers, agents/TMC contacts, and other travel industry vendors have an “internal” company contact with deep experience in managing all aspects of a corporate travel and meetings program and resolving day-to-day travel issues.

Our consulting team has deep expertise at supplier benchmarking, contracting and negotiations for air, car, and hotel, card programs, expense management, technology implementations, project management, risk management and duty of care, travel agency operations, and meetings management strategy and support.

The interim resource has full access to all of our consultants as needed. KesselRun has found that even the best Travel Managers are not necessarily experts at every facet of corporate travel. With the team approach, your travel management team gains depth, breadth, and expandability at times of increased need.

KesselRun’s Interim Travel Manager will ensure program optimization and provide any support required to identify, evaluate, and onboard a full-time resource. Our goal is to be able to provide the new resource everything she or he needs to be successful, while providing our client a subject matter expert, who will a convenient sole point of contact, also enjoys an entire organization of corporate travel professionals behind the scenes.

Short Term Support For Long Term Success

In addition to providing the short term support, most of our clients find that the program is in a better position when we complete our engagement.  Because full-time travel managers tend to become insulated, keeping current on industry best practices or new industry trends can be difficult.  KesselRun manages dozens of client accounts at any given time, including ad-hoc projects that give us exposure to everything from new marketplace technologies, travel agency operations, and the latest on supplier negotiation strategy and tactics.

KesselRun shares lessons learned and practice improvements across our consulting base and provides pertinent consulting advice to clients suited to their program’s specific needs.  The result is that KesselRun helps improve the travel program over its interim engagement, however long the duration, and hands the client’s ultimate full-time resource a strong base to achieve long-term success.

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