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Corporate Travel Consulting

KesselRun provides corporate travel consulting support to organizations of all sizes and spanning all industries.  Our team of corporate travel consultants has deep experience with regional and multi-national companies across the entire corporate travel supply chain.

Our consultants come from backgrounds with traditional management consulting organizations as well as from all disciplines in the corporate travel space. Having both wide-ranging and specialized travel industry viewpoints, KesselRun understands that travel is both a significant spend category and one that is very personal.  Our goal is to provide flexible engagement options that provide return on investment while taking into account the great variance, unique to each organization, in ability to enact change in its travel program.  We take into account our client’s corporate culture as well as spend profile and adapt our approach to best suit the client for each project we engage in.

corporate travel consulting

Our Corporate Travel Consulting Services

KesselRun’s corporate travel consulting practice can optimize any aspect of your company’s corporate travel program.  Our goal is to provide flexible, custom tailored engagements that carry a clear and strong return on investment.

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Corporate Travel Program Audit

KesselRun will engage in a comprehensive review of your entire travel program. Our audit will review current processes, vendors, and spending habits, and based on our findings, provide a strategic roadmap for optimization.  KesselRun specializes in fast, low-cost results, that will enable organizations to make impactful changes to their programs that save money and increase traveler satisfaction.

Preferred Supplier Negotiations

KesselRun’s travel consultants will benchmark your air, car, and hotel program and provide pertinent financial analysis and recommendations to establish and optimize preferred vendor programs. KesselRun handles all RFP and supplier negotiation strategy.

Category Management Services

KesselRun provides a comprehensive program outsourcing model where we become the organization’s category manager. Under this model, KesselRun handles all relevant internal work dealing with managing the travel program. We act as point between the client and all travel vendors, including the travel management company, as well as serving as a resource to travelers, on a day-to-day basis.

Risk Management

KesselRun can assess your current risk program to determine if your organization is taking sufficient steps to meet present corporate risk standards. Following review, we help establish best practices around people tracking, duty of care, export control, and travel authorization processes.

Expense Management

KesselRun can source, implement, and support expense management solutions. In many cases, organizations seek to seamlessly align corporate travel purchase receipts to expense and reimbursement processes.  KesselRun is adept at providing consulting services to clients looking to establish an automated procure to pay strategy.

Payment Solutions

KesselRun can source, implement, and support all types of corporate payment solutions including corporate card, P-Card, ghost cards, and e-Pay solutions across the entire organization.

Supplier Benchmarking and Rate Auditing

KesselRun utilizes the best available data found in the industry to benchmark air, car, and hotel rates. Based on the data and spending habits of the client, KesselRun makes recommendations for supplier contracting and internal share requirements.  We also ensure that the rates we negotiate on the client’s behalf are actually available to travelers through best-in-class auditing technology.

Meetings Management

Our corporate travel consultants can help build an internal meetings management strategy or optimize an existing structure. Corporate meetings require a unique skill set and can be optimized by meeting specific technology and best practices.  KesselRun can help with strategy development to category support including sourcing, logistics, and meeting spend budgeting and reconciliation.

What Is a Corporate Travel Consultant?

A corporate travel consultant is an industry professional with the expertise to optimize business travel. We are here to assure that corporate travel aligns with your company’s goals, policies, and budget requirements. We are also here to create a pleasant, seamless process for your travelers. Corporate travel is complex, and the corporate travel consultant is here to manage all aspects of your travel program. We are here to simplify the process and make it easier to strike the balance between cost savings and traveler satisfaction. In short, we’re here to make your life easier.

What Is a Corporate Travel Consultant?

Interim Corporate Travel Manager

How can KesselRun help be an interim corporate travel manager?

At KesselRun, our team has been providing innovative and flexible travel management for more than 20 years. We tailor our programs to fit your unique needs and can offer a wide range of services. We offer anything from total day to day management, or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), to a customized level of involvement specific to your goals.

Average Consulting Timeline

How long is the average consulting assignment?

There is nothing average about it. We tailor every aspect of our time with each client to fit their specific needs. Some consulting assignments require a longer engagement to make sure we reach all the client’s goals and others are brief. Our main objective is to be sure you’re satisfied with your return on investment. 

Why KesselRun

KesselRun brings deep experience to every aspect of your corporate travel program. After 20 years in business, we still believe that every consulting engagement is as unique as our client’s business.

20+ Years in Business
Custom Solutions
Industry Experts
Excellent Client References

Executive Team

Our Executive Team has decades of experience across the entire corporate travel supply chain. We come from both Big 5 management consulting firms and from corporate travel supplier and client sides of the business. We provide flexible, thoughtful, and independent solutions. Our goal is always to increase traveler satisfaction while optimizing corporate spend and supplier leverage.

Brandon Strauss

Brandon Strauss


Michael Brennan

Michael Brennan


Krissy Herman | KesselRun

Krissy Herman

Vice President of Program Management

erik woodfolk

Erik Woodfolk

Director of Federal Programs and Services


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