Corporate Travel Audit

KesselRun provides corporate travel industry expertise across the entire corporate travel supply chain.  Our consulting engagements are flexible, ranging from running brief project to long-lasting, multi-year program support or management. Key to our model, our engagements are custom-tailored to meet the needs of our clients’ corporate travel programs while providing the most value and return on investment possible.

Of all of our consulting engagements, our corporate travel Program Audit is by far our most popular.  Our Program Audit gives our clients a holistic and unbiased look into every aspect of their travel program.  The four to six week engagement was developed with the busy travel manager or procurement professional in mind and is broken down into two simple project phases:

Phase 1 - Discovery of Corporate Travel

KesselRun conducts both traveler surveys and stakeholder interviews to ensure we understand our client’s program goals and objectives.  Surveys and interviews also provide us and our clients a solid understanding of the client’s unique corporate culture and as a result inform KesselRun of strategy and tactics that may or may not be successful given competing corporate objectives, nuances in policy, unique business requirements, and more. This Corporate Travel Assessment involves:

  • Web-based traveler survey to gauge user behavior and attitudes
  • Key stakeholder interviews to better understand corporate spend profile and other business activities, such as impending mergers or acquisitions that will have an impact on the travel program
  • Key Deliverables include – Survey results review and interpretation, initial data review, outline of key objectives, goals, and final deliverables for Phase II activities

Phase II - Strategic Review of Corporate Travel

KesselRun utilizes Discovery results to formalize a set of key objectives for the final review and audit results.  Our final deliverable is structured in any format desired by the client to be best utilized to execute against the recommendations provided by our consultants.  It is our goal to provide the client all of the information and tools they need for their program to realize direct benefit from the corporate travel audit:

  • Comprehensive spend profile overview and relevant travel data from our study
  • Review of air, car, and hotel vendors utilized by the client. Here, KesselRun recommends areas of program optimization such as preferred vendor contracting, share shift strategies, and a pathway to achieving the goals recommended.  As part of this analysis KesselRun provides detail around financial benefit to making proposed changes to the program and commentary around cost/benefit to the change
  • Review of internal processes such as pre-trip authorization, expense management, travel policy, and management reporting
  • Review of all industry related contracts including air, travel agency, and third party technologies and optimization recommendations made based on industry best practices and the KesselRun team’s years of experience in travel contract negotiations
  • Review of other internal processes and technologies that impact travel such as risk management, corporate card strategy, reimbursement process, and internal training
  • All required analysis, financial modeling, and supplier benchmarking
  • Our final deliverable takes into account that change happens over time so any proposed program changes include a timeline and recommended implementation path based not only on the travel program itself but also competing corporate objectives that might have an impact on the travel program

KesselRun’s corporate Travel Audit is typically our first introduction to an organization.  As a result, our goal is to demonstrate our outstanding service and clearly illustrate the value, and real impact, of our advice on your corporate travel program. Given today’s rapidly changing corporate travel environment, there has never been a better time to understand your travel program and the impact industry change will have, or to have KesselRun’s years of corporate travel experience in your corner.

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