You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

Some adages always ring true and, when it comes to corporate travel, this is especially accurate. For the past two decades KesselRun has helped hundreds of companies proactively manage their travel spend with great success. But we have found that even the most “buttoned-up” programs still lack “Total Program Visibility”.

The industry average of “Program Leakage” (Travel Spend outside of their managed program) is over 30%. With nearly one third of every dollars pent of travel is difficult to account for, companies not only lose buying power but seriously undermine any sense of Duty of Care for their employees.

In an effort to combat this problem, KesselRun is excited to announce our Strategic Partnership with CapTrav. Co-Founded by KesselRun’s own Brandon Strauss and Leading TravelTechnology Innovator Nick Romano, Captrav provides complete program data visibility. This insight includes not only those bookings made through the TMC but also those booked through other channels. CapTrav’s proven technology provides solutions for: Leakage; Duty of Care; Reporting/ Benchmarking and Supplier Data.

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The CapTrav solution is supplier agnostic, meaning that it works with virtually any supplier to collect the data you need including airlines, hotels, car, rail, shared economy and demand ride services. This data is also normalized to include details such as local address for hotel properties and ticket numbers for airlines. The CapTrav solution captures this information for both managed and direct bookings, giving you complete visibility into your travel program activity

Your duty of care policies and procedures must extend to all travelers in your business. The challenge is that rogue travel spend creates a“blind spot”in your duty of care program that can be a source of significant risk to your company. CapTrav can help. Because CapTrav captures data for both compliant and non-compliant travel bookings, CapTrav provides visibility into the locations of all travelers, regardless of how they booked travel. Presented in an easy-to-use dashboard including an interactive map with drill-down features to specific traveler locations.

How do your organization’s numbers compare with others in your industry? With CapTrav, Reporting, and Benchmarking tools, getting that information is easy. CapTrav allows you to quickly see how your travelers are performing against current travel policy and procedures. It allows you to drill down to see how both your managed and unmanaged spend is against industry-standard benchmarking. You even have the ability to view benchmarking by supplier type (air /hotel / car) or by the specific supplier. Benchmark rogue spend (leakage) and use the information for a data driven discussion with employees.

Captrav provides you with the data you need for your next supplier negotiations. With CapTrav’s reporting, you have easy access to all of your air, car, and hotel booking data no matter where it was booked. The data is served up with supplier negotiation in mind: CityPair data by airline, fare class, and advance purchase; Hotel data 100% normalized. Their solution was developed by corporate travel professionals who understand the data you need to negotiate the best deals possible for your company. For complete detail on CapTrav’s Solution and information on how to schedule a 30-minute demo visit the website.


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