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We all wondered how business travel would change post pandemic. Now we know. Business travel is on track to be at pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2024. That said, we are seeing a different kind of travel. We have more far flung work from home employees becoming super commuters. We discovered the importance of connecting people face to face because those are the interactions that support our corporate culture. But travel continues to have its challenges: staffing issues at airlines and hotels can wreak havoc on an itinerary. Business traveler support is needed now more than ever before.

Travel is a fluid and dynamic industry–constantly changing– and we stay on top of the latest news and trends. Our focus is on what matters most to our clients: finding the most beneficial partners, cost savings, traveler satisfaction, and getting the best possible ROI against our fees. Our travel consultants are there to manage all aspects of your travel program so you can strike the right balance between cost savings and traveler satisfaction. A travel consultant—particularly in today’s environment–pays dividends.

What is a Business Travel Consultant?

A business travel consultant is not a travel agent. Travel agents book flightshotels, and other travel arrangements for clients.

While a business travel consultant doesn’t actually do the booking, he or she has the expertise to help companies negotiate supplier point of sale discounts and ensure all business travel operations run smoothly.  A travel consultant helps you navigate all of the aspects of a travel program that strike the right balance between cost savings and traveler satisfaction.

Top Tasks Handled By Business Travel Consultants

Business travelers don’t have the same needs and objectives as people going on vacation or traveling for other reasons. A business travel consultant will research issues such as the following.

  • We help you create and implement your travel policies.
  • We help your travelers understand and comply with company travel policy.
  • We ensure that traveler information is shared with the company for both traveler safety and corporate liability interests in the event of unexpected incidents or severe weather.
  • We provide the link between your travelvers and the travel management company(TMC) that does the booking. Using a TMC is advantageous over direct bookings, which often result in missed opportunities for partnerships with airlines.
  • We are your representative with the expertise to help you negotiate supplier point of sale discounts.
  • We review vendor contracts, track travel expenses, and find and recommend the most favorable arrangements, and much more.

The Kesselrun Business Travel Consulting Difference

As the oldest management consulting firm specializing in business travel, Kesselrun offers a level of expertise that only comes with time. We’ve been in business for more than 20 years and we maintain valuable relationships with industry vendors such as TMCs, but we also remain objective. We have no stake in the market supply chain. This is the big difference between us and the TMC consulting branches. We act solely in your interest. Kesselrun business travel consultants will ask the important questions to define the needs of your company and then offer customized solutions for you.

If you want to learn more about Kesslrun’s business travel consulting services, contact us online.

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*This article was originally published in 2019 and updated for 2024