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“Trip Disruption” is a common discussion point in travel. Being able to demonstrate proactive management of disruptions is fast becoming a competitive imperative. Where traditional duty of care solutions monitor the conditions through which travelers must pass, FlightStats’ trip disruption monitors the actual transit status of each and every traveler in motion. Where 1 in 10,000 travelers might be impacted by a bad storm or volcano, or one in millions by a serious incident, about 1 in 12 of your travelers experiences a disruption such as a cancelled flight or missed connection. Disruption management adds value, demonstrable cost deflection, real-time traveler visibility and service and generates new revenue for your agency business.

“The challenge TMCs will have is articulating what it is and putting fences around what it can and can’t do,” said KesselRun Corporate Travel Solutions partner Brandon Strauss. “Travelers already complain about things airlines do that are outside the control of the TMC. ‘I was 10 minutes late and they wouldn’t hold the flight for me!’ At the same time, it’s clearly a service enhancement. If they can do it, it does become a competitive advantage.”