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Have you looked closely at your corporate travel program lately? For companies with employees who travel frequently, a travel program can play a large role in saving money and providing a wide variety of perks. It’s important to use a program that actually serves your needs and provides you with the maximum possible benefits.

How Do You Measure the Value You Get From a Corporate Travel Program?

When it comes to travel savings on expenses such as flights and accommodations, quantifying benefits is fairly straightforward. However, there are other, less tangible factors to consider.

What are Your Needs and Objectives?

Travel program needs are unique and depend on a variety of factors such as the size of your company, your industry, and how often your employees travel. Benefits to both travel managers and business travelers in the organization need to be considered. When travelers have a better overall experience, it can boost productivity and loyalty to the organization.

After a decline in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, demand for travel is going up once again, with many businesses seeking better defined, more economical, and more efficient solutions. One point that KesselRun always emphasizes is the need for companies to identify essential travel and be clear about the criteria they use to approve non-essential travel.

Your needs also depend on whether all or most of your employees work in the office or remotely. Even as pandemic restrictions eased, many companies now employ more and more remote workers. This can complicate travel issues, as employees may be embarking from many diverse destinations rather than everyone leaving from the same city.

Travel Safety Guidelines

Travel always entails a certain amount of risk. Risks may increase due to health concerns such as the pandemic or when companies fly to unstable regions around the world. As travel restrictions and requirements fluctuate, both for domestic and international travel, companies need to have a clear policy on practices such as wearing masks and health screenings. Your corporate travel program should provide helpful and clear guidelines for helping travelers who may need medical care or who face emergencies while traveling.

Developing a Preferred Supplier Program

One of the best ways to optimize your corporate travel program is by developing relationships with suppliers that provide discounts, flat rates, and incentives. This allows you to consistently enjoy better deals and benefits on frequently traveled routes and destinations.

Using Optimal Technology

There are more choices than ever when it comes to third-party technologies that can be integrated into your travel program. However, not all technologies are ideal for your needs, which may change over time. KesselRun helps companies evaluate their technology and make the appropriate upgrades.

Find the Ideal Corporate Travel Program

KesselRun Corporate Travel Solutions specializes in helping companies manage, develop, and optimize travel programs. With more than 20 years of experience, we provide custom solutions and independent thought leadership to a growing list of clients. KesselRun works with clients to address these and other issues related to corporate travel programs. A KesselRun has a corporate travel audit assessment, which provides a thorough and objective analysis of every aspect of your travel program, and can give you a clearer picture of the value and limitations of your travel program.