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Brandon Strauss, co-founder of Kesselrun, spoke at the World Travel, Inc. Annual Symposium to an audience of clients, prospects, and suppliers. In his presentation he takes a deep dive into the key topics facing the corporate travel industry today. 

He explores the changing demographic and how all of the generations interact and impact corporate travel in 2023. He asks the question “Does supplier strategy align with a changing user demographic?” He shares some insights on the supplier’s intentions to establish brand loyalty through modern retail channels. 

You’ll also hear from him about the Super PNR, leakage and compliance and how you get this data as part of your corporate travel program. The common question of “how do I save money” is part of the reason leakage data is useful for your program. 

He also emphasizes the need for off-channel bookings and how those impact your travel program. 

Watch the full presentation below.

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