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Original Published on Hospitality Net

ARCLabs, a research and development initiative within ARC, announces its introduction of FareSight at the opening of the 2013 GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) Convention. FareSight is an advanced solution for Corporate Travel Managers to optimize their corporate air travel policies and programs.

FareSight helps corporate travel managers optimize their air travel policies by employing current and historic ARC data directly related to their individual organizations. The tool analyses an individual company’s air travel patterns, travel spending and average ticket price and compares those factors with the overall market. In addition, FareSight allows corporate travel managers to profile travellers’ preferences based on actual ticket travel – not just preference surveys or policy compliance.
Michael Brennan, managing partner of KesselRun Corporate Travel Solutions, commented about FareSight: “Corporate travel departments can see exactly where their ‘problem children’ are. This tool quickly pinpoints areas where fares could be improved.”